How we do it
Eve Communications' clients come to us with their challenge, and we create and deliver a plan to solve it. We identify where they are, where they want to be, and how we will get them there in a way that's right for them, their business and audience.
At Eve Communications, we create full brand-building marketing strategies to clever sales-driving and profile-raising communications campaigns. Take a look below to see how we've helped some of our clients with their marketing and communications.
  1. Eve Communications
    Client - Red Tractor
    OBJECTIVE: Raise the profile of the organisation in the farming press and communicate better with members. WHAT WE DID: Press relations, media work, show stand design, newsletter redesign, annual review.
  2. Eve Communications
    Client - Red Tractor
    OBJECTIVE: Connect shoppers with the farmers behind the Red Tractor logo. WHAT WE DID: Series of 15 'Meet the Farmer' videos for online consumption.
  3. Eve Communications
    Client - Wessex Lowlines
    OBJECTIVE: Introduce the Lowline breed to farmers through the agricultural and countryside media. WHAT WE DID: Press releases, media one-on-ones, supplied features, brochure design, marketing video production.
  4. Eve Communications
    Client - BFREPA
    OBJECTIVE: Position BFREPA as the voice of the free range egg sector in trade and mainstream press. WHAT WE DID: Press releases, facilitated radio interviews, video production, crisis management, media relations.
  5. Eve Communications
    Client - Love Free Range Eggs
    OBJECTIVE: Educate consumers on the benefits of free range eggs. WHAT WE DID: Series of cookery videos for social media, seasonal social media campaign, school education packs, press releases, Meet the Farmer blogs.
  1. Red Tractor Assurance
    Part of a 'meet the farmer' series showcasing how farm assured beef is produced in the UK.
  2. Love Free Range Eggs
    A funny sting video to launch a campaign highlighting the high welfare standards attained on free range egg farms in the UK.
  3. British Free Range Egg Producers Association
    A technical video to explain to consumers and the media how a farmer views the development of a multi-tier system for free range hens.
  4. Red Tractor Assurance
    A video to connect consumers of Red Tractor-assured bread with the farmer who produced the wheat that created the loaf.
  5. Wensleydale Creamery and Red Tractor Assurance
    A collaboration between the two companies to demonstrate how important farm assured milk is to a major cheese brand.
  6. Red Tractor Assurance
    A video to show consumers the welfare standards that Red Tractor assured pig farmers adhere to.
  7. Red Tractor Assurance
    A video to show how farm assured sugar beet is grown and processed into Silver Spoon sugar.
  8. Red Tractor Assurance
    Red Tractor lamb producers are assessed regularly to ensure they are meeting the requirements of the assurance scheme. This video explains why.
  9. Red Tractor Assurance
    A video to show consumers the welfare standards that Red Tractor assured pea producers adhere to.
  10. Wood-Mizer
    A video customer testimonial about how global sawmill brand, Wood-Mizer, helped one customer build a living roof arbor.
  11. Red Tractor Assurance
    Technology plays a key part in adhering to the Red Tractor Assurance standards for this farm. This video explains how.